Antennas Direct 91XG vs Winegard PR9032

Where "fringe" area reception is the challenge, the relative performance of these two may be of interest.  The 91XG, in particular, is pretty much a benchmark for multipath prone fringe area reception, and these comparisons indicate how the newer PR9032 stacks up against it.

91XG PR9032
91XG 9032

Channels 15, 20, and 24:

Channels 24, 30, and 33:

Channel 26:

Channels 44 and 47:

Channels 47, 49, 51, and 55:

The 91XG is just slightly better at the low end but is a little over twice as sensitive (about 4 dB) at the high end.  That's fairly significant.  The cost differential will be justified where the weakest channels are at the upper end.  If the only channels involved are at the low end of the band (below Ch 30), the PR-9032 will provide almost the same signal strength as the 91XG.