Channel Master CM-4228HD versus Antennas Direct New DB8

In both cases the models tested are the "new HD" versions being shipped post-DTV cutover  They were ordered in October of 2009.

Channels 15, 20, and 24:

Channels 23, and 26:

(Note: Channels 24 and 30 are approximately 75 degrees off axis.  The visible signal is an indication of side lobe response only.)

Channels 30 and 33:

Channels 44, 47, 49, and 51:

The Channel Master CM-4228 is about 2 to 5 dB more sensitive than the DB8 from the bottom end of the band up through channels in the mid 30's.  From the mid 30's through the high end, the measurements suggest the DB8 has better sensitivity, by about 3 to 4 dB.

Neither antenna appears to "beat" the other across the entire UHF band.  For fringe area scenarios where the weakest channels are near the lower end of the band, it appears the CM-4228 will serve better.  But at the high end the DB8 excels.

As an additional point of interest, at the low end and up through the mid 30's the CM-4228 even demonstrated better levels than the Antennas Direct 91XG.  You can determine this by bringing up this page in one tab of your browser and opening a second tab to the 91XG to DB8 comparison.  Then you'll have the CM-4228 to DB8 comparison on one tab and the 91XG to DB8 comparison on the other.  These two sets of measurements were taken two days apart, and while you can see variations in the DB8 response between the two days, the level are generally the same.  [Note that in one set the DB8 capture files were named "NewDB8_XXX", and in the other set just "DB8_XXX".  The measurements are of the same "new" model DB8].

With the DB8 being common to the red trace on both sets, you'll be able to observe the differences in levels of the 91XG and CM-4228 relative to the DB8, and you'll see the favorable low end levels of the CM-4228.  On the other hand, at the end, the 91XG still rules.