Antennas Direct DB8 versus Winegard HD-8800

In both cases the models tested are the "new HD" version being shipped post-DTV cutover  They were ordered in October of 2009.

Channels 15, 20, and 24:

Channels 23, and 26:

(Note: Channels 24 and 30 are approximately 75 degrees off axis.  The visible signal is an indication of side lobe response only.
It is interesting to note the significantly lower side lobe response of the 91XG's much morech more directional Yagi design
versus the fan dipole design of the DB8...  as would be expected!)

Channels 30 and 33:

Channels 44, 47, 49, and 51:

The DB8 has about 3 to 4 dB better sensitivity than the HD-8800 across the majority of the spectrum.  One exception is at the very low end, where the DB8 sensitivity drops off, and at the highest measured channels where the responses where similar.

In spite of its lacking low end response, the DB8 is still an excellent fringe area choice for many locations, especially where there are no low end stations to worry about.