Antennas Direct New DB8 versus Old DB8

There are ongoing discussions in several DTV and HD Antenna forums with regards to the "new and improved" DB8 from Antennas Direct.  Not all of that discussion has been positive.  The following captures provide field resuts comparing both designs.  The "old" model tested was purchased late in 2007, the "new" model was purchased in October 2009.  They are distinguished by the older model's use of baluns at each 4-Bay element, coupled to a combiner via approximately 9" RG6 coax cables, whereas the new design uses an integral combiner and balun harness.

Channels 15, 20, and 24:

Channels 23, and 26:

(Note: Channels 24 and 30 are approximately 75 degrees off axis.  The visible signal is an indication of side lobe response only.)

Channels 30 and 33:

Channels 44, 47, 49, and 51:

There appears to be little difference in sensitivity betwen old and new designs.  With the exception of Ch 23, where the new design in fact shows a several dB improvement, almost all other levels are within about 1 dB of each other.

For all practical purposes, the old and new designs appear to be equivalent.